Our safaris can begin or end in Cape Town, one of the most attractive city in the world.

There is plenty to see and do while in The Cape and even if your aim is to merely relax and stay away from the so called 'tourist' activities, there are many attractions that are definitely well worth a visit.

Be sure to leave some time for a relaxed scenic drive around the peninsula too - our guide will show you beautiful scenery from oceans to mountains and vineyards.

We also offer to you, your family and friends the option of a stay in our private, self-catering apartment. The 'Topaz' apartment is situated on Beach Road, looking onto the magnificent beach of Strand - 40 minutes from Cape Town, 30 minutes from the airport - it faces the Cape of Good Hope and has stunning views. The apartment has three bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms, and is fully equipped to a very high standard - a convivial way of staying in the Cape...


Ten year ago, Cape to Cairo became the first company in South Africa to invest into the preservation of one of the most endangered specie: Cheetah.

Joseph was barely three months old when we first met him and, since he was born in captivity in the region of Pretoria, he had no realistic chance of ever living out in the wild again.

Our agreement with Cheetah Outreach, to whom we graciously lend Joseph, gives us the amazing privilege of owning a cheetah. Cheetah Outreach is an association that aims to promote public awareness and to preserve one of the most beautiful species in the world.

Joseph lives at Cheetah Outreach, where he is one of the cheetahs welcoming visitors who want to see and stroke him, he also spends time with us and we would enjoy introducing him to you.

Over the years, a very strong bond has developed between us and Joseph. Come and meet Joseph when you are in The Cape There is no need to fear meeting Joseph. To put your mind at ease, there are no recorded incidents of a cheetah attacking a human being. As for Joseph, his purring will be proof of just happy he is to see you! In his charming company, it will be our pleasure to discuss with you the wonderful ways of the fastest animal in the world...